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Water Flag
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Magnetic PopUp HUB
Rapid PopUp
Wheeled Case
literature stand
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  Flying Banner  
  Realizing that you don’t want to be left with more stock imbalance than absolutely necessary, our Flying Banner kits are stocked and priced WITHOUT bases, so you can order those as separate items according to your and your own customers' preferences.

One pole for all these base options make your life much simple. Whatever height you want, we can make it happen.

  Water Flag 5m TOPtop-pic
  Don’t play with this big boy unless you are serious about display.
At 11.5kg before you fill the base with water (or sand), make sure you put it in the right place first.

This is a seriously large telescopic banner stand which uses one OR two (see below) seriously large banners up to 5m height.


Code Item name Size/M
CWF5 Water Flag 5


Snap Frames TOPtop-pic
don't you want to make your life more colorful? Choose your & your customers' favourite color, your business becomes more interesting.

we make the corner without gap!
Offered with either mitred or chromed in either 25mm or 32mm profile, from A4 to A0or anything in between.

That's too many options to price for here so just let us know what you'd like and we'll give you the good news by email.

A4, A3 mitred. Plastic corners at extra cost.

Code Item name Size/M
CSF Snap Frame 25 A4
CSF Snap Frame 32 A4

  A - Board
  Are you still suffer the pain of cover comes out or damages easily ? Ours solve your problem and let you have a sweet sleep.
Single, Double and Extended at A1 or your preferred size, with matte graphic cover as standard, and gloss also available for those who like things shiny.

Our snap frame makes changing graphics a simple task.

Packed singly.

Code Item name Size/M
CABDA1 Double side A1
CABEA1 Double Extended A1
  Poster Stands TOPtop-pic
  Put your sign guide on it, place anywhere you want, isn't it a good assistant for you?

Snap Frame for instant graphic changes. Same stand for either portrait or landscape use as the head rotates.

Adjustable Height from 1.3m down using telescopic pole.

Colour Silver
Graphic sizes available: A3, A4, Custom.

Can be mitred instead of plastic corners.

Code Item name Size/M
CPSA4 Poster Stand A4
CPSA3 Poster Stand A3

  I Banner TOPtop-pic
  To be sweety & Helpful to your customers, use round cardboard bag as an option to put your banner in!

Clever, very simple and VERY economical method of putting a graphic banner in front of an audience using fibreglass.

Packing:  Thin bag.
Very low shipping cost
Net Weight only 0.7kg.

Code Item name Size/M
CIB080C Ibanner basic bag 80*180
CIB080G Ibanner good bag 80*180
  X Banner TOPtop-pic
  Adjustable height makes it more functional, more attractive ocean color bring you out of boring.
Graphic size 60-80cm W x 160-180cm H
Net Weight only 0.6KG

Lots of them in a container make your delivery more efficient.

Code Item name Size/M
CXBL Xbanner light 60*160
CXBL Xbanner light 80*180

  X Banner TOPtop-pic
  Industry-standard “X” tension banner, but ours is made well from good materials.  Low-cost banner display where floor space is not at a premium.

60*160 with coated steel feet
120*200 with aluminium feet

Use strong and easy hook to hang banner Round cardboard bag for extra.
Screw banner fixings instead of our easy hooks for less.

Code Item name Size/M
CXB060C Xbanner basic bag 60*160
CXB120 Xbanner basic bag 120*200

  L Banner TOPtop-pic

This tension banner uses a solid steel foot to provide stability for the pole under tension and keep the banner beautifully taught.

Also available in larger bag with graphic banner protection tube.  Which is of course much more user-friendly, but higher shipping volume.

The base at the bottom is used to meet customers' demand, for those who want to save cost, much light and cheep, but also work of course.
Code Item name Size/M
CLBH L Banner Heavy 85*215
CLBL L Banner Light 85*215

  L Banner TOPtop-pic
Don't like steel? No problem! We also have aluminium base which looks more pretty.

Does your floor flat? you can easily know by checking the two nuts on the bottom rail.
I'm a pretty lady and of course have high requirement for everything, sorry~ floor, Touch me when you are flat enough!

Code Item name Size/M
CLBA L Banner ALU 90*200

  Rollup Model 1 TOPtop-pic
  For us, lightest, cheapest rollup For you, it is not as light/cheap as others. Roller is the heart of rollup, whatever cheap competitors sell, we stay here ad make sure its heart ALWAYS beats.
The steel end plate is another reason to make it heavier.
Our unique stick-on rail makes you be different with others.

Code Item name Size/M
CR1060 RollUp Model1 60*180
CR1080 RollUp Model1 80*200
CR1085 RollUp Model1 85*200
CR1100 RollUp Model1 100*200
CR1120 RollUp Model1 120*200

  Good RollUp Light TOPtop-pic
  Higher quality and better looking without plastic feet ends. Packed in padded bag, save cost to use thin bag.

screw rail, snap rail,
Code Item name Size/M
CRGL060 GoodRollup Light 60*180
CRGL080 GoodRollup Light 80*200
CRGL085 GoodRollup Light 85*200
CRGL100 GoodRollup Light 100*200
CRGL120 GoodRollup Light 120*200

  Good RollUp Heavy TOPtop-pic
  Altogether heavier and more substantial this resilient, single foot model is built to last and supplied as standard with a thicker, padded bag to respect its higher quality.

other sizes are available, packed in single box.

Code Item name Size/M
CRGH085 GoodRollup Heavy 85*215

Good RollUp Footless
  Ideal either for the upmarket exhibitor who wants to look that way, or for those with space restrictions.

This footless produces a depth on the floor of only 20cm, which compares very favourably with swing-our-feet models which take up nearly double the floorspace.

packed in single box.

Black at extra cost, Choose your color.

Code Item name Size/M
CRF060 GoodRollup Footls 60*180
CRF080 GoodRollup Footls 80*215
CRF085 GoodRollup Footls 85*215
CRF100 GoodRollup Footls 100*215
CRF120 GoodRollup Footls 120*215

King of Rollups
  We walk on these stands.  That is how strong they are!

Available single and twin in 8 widths, from 60cm to 320cm with our unique, completely-dependable motors ensuring absolute reliability.

Some customers rent these out with a change of banner for different customers of theirs every week.  Testimony to the immense strength of
"King of Rollups".

Sizes above 2m have no bag.
Code Item name Size/M
CRK060 King of RollUps 60*180
CRK060T King of RollUps 60*180
CRK080 King of RollUps 80*215
CRK080T King of RollUps 80*215
CRK085 King of RollUps 85*215
CRK085T King of RollUps 100*215
CRK100 King of RollUps 100*215
CRK100T King of RollUps 100*215
CRK120 King of RollUps 120*215
CRK120T King of RollUps 120*215
CRK150 King of RollUps 150*215
CRK150T King of RollUps 150*215
CRK200 King of RollUps 200*215
CRK200T King of RollUps 200*215
CRK240 King of RollUps 240*240
CRK240T King of RollUps 240*240
CRK320 King of RollUps 320*240
CRK320T King of RollUps 320*240

Mini RollUp

Code Item name Size/M
CRMA4 Mini RollUp A4
CRMA3 Mini RollUp A3
Multi-Function Popup

Both locking-bars and magbars attach mechanically with a positive "click", making our system structurally sound when fully assembled because all stress is transferred mechanically throughout the rigid frame.

3 quads is 2.24m(7'6") to fit inside European shell scheme, or 3m(10ft) with 4 quads for North America and elsewhere is preferred.
Fabric Panel inside Curve/End size 0.673*2.23m
This structure provides great strength-to-weight and supports internal shelving, TV's etc with ease.
Using screws, not rivets, to attach scissors to hubs, means any part can be replaced in seconds, and also frames can be re-configured in minutes, so you don't need to stock different sizes. Changing stands for different occasions is child's play even for your customers.

With 6 heights available, from table-top to 4.4m, self-supporting, small or large free-standing structures can be created as a far more convenient alternative to custom-building stands.
Code Item name Size/M
CPMF33C Curved kit in box, no PVC panels 2.5M
CPMF33S Straight kit in box, no PVC panels 2.7M
CPMF43C Curved kit in box, no PVC panels 3.1M
CPMF43S Straight kit in box, no PVC panels 3.4M
CPMF33C Curved kit in wheeled bag, with PVC 2.5M
CPMF33S Straight kit in wheeled bag, with PVC 2.7M
CPMF43C Curved kit in wheeled bag, with PVC 3.1M
CPMF43S Straight kit in wheeled bag, with PVC 3.4M
CPMF33C Straight kit in Moulded Case, with PVC 2.5M
CPMF33S Curved kit in Moulded Case, with PVC 2.7M
CPMF43C Curved kit in Moulded Case, with PVC 3.1M
CPMF43S Straight kit in Moulded Case, with PVC 3.4M
  Magnetic Popup TOPtop-pic

MAGNETIC self-locking frame with magnetic magbars which attach magnetically to the frame - this is a fast one to use.  Kit consists of Frame, Channel Bars, Panel Magtape, Panel Hangers with steel hooks allowing for adjustment to counter minor alignment trimming errors by mounters, and Bottom Stiffeners.

So fashionable these days that we have discontinued many other models in favour of this one.
Offered as a boxed 3x3 curved kit , and in a moulded, wheeled case.

Fabric Panel inside Curve/End size 0.673*2.23m

Did you know that?
Most factories in China rivet popup scissors with a hammer – so every one is different! We use a heavy, but oh-so-gentle, riveting machine for the purpose – so every one is exactly correct. Combined with very precise drilling of holes of exactly correct size in exactly correct position in the scissors, this makes our frames far better!

Magbars which are just steel, not magnetic tape, make it almost impossible for users to align their graphic panels on the frame. That’s why ours use good quality 10-pole magnetic tape, and panels hang correctly in an instant.

No ugly black strips at top or bottom, or hooks and holes show where panels hang on our popup. Our strong steel hooks on the panel are invisible in use.

Code Item name Size/M
CPM33C Curved kit in box, no PVC panels 2.5M
CPM33S Straight kit in box, no PVC panels 2.7M
CPM43C Curved kit in box, no PVC panel 3.1M
CPM43S Straight kit in wheeled, with PVC 3.4M
CPM33C Curved kit in wheeled bag, with PVC 2.5M
CPM33S Curved kit in wheeled bag, with PVC 2.7M
CPM43C Curved kit in wheeled bag, with PVC 3.1M
CPM43S Straight kit in wheeled, with PVC 3.4M
CPM33C Curved kit in Moulded Case, with PVC 2.5M
CPM33S Straight kit in Moulded Case, with PVC 2.7M
CPM43C Curved kit in Moulded Case, with PVC 3.1M
CPM43S Straight kit in Moulded Case, with PVC 3.4M


Textile PopUp TOPtop-pic
  The ultimate in pop-up convenience, light weight and speed assembly.
Each straight frame is supplied ready to mount your textile graphic in any of THREE ways: Front only, Front & Ends, or All-around.

With Velcro® attachment only on hubs, our system is MUCH easier to use than those with Velcro® straps around the entire perimeter.

Code Item name Size/M
CPT33 Straight in bag in box 2.06*2.24m
CPTT43 Straight in box 2.73*2.24m


Lite PopUp TOPtop-pic
  Rapid Popup TOPtop-pic

MECHANICALLY self-locking frame for complete rigidity with magnetic channel bars which attach magnetically to the frame, and magnetic panel hangers, invisible in use, this model is faster still and represents state-of-the-art.

Boxed kit consists of frame in bag, Channel Bars in bag, Panel Magtape,
Magnetic Panel Hangers and Bottom stiffeners.

Code Item name Size/M
CPRM33C Curved kit in box, no PVC panels 2.4M
CPRM43C Curved kit in box, no PVC panels 2.9M
CPRM33C Curved kit in Moulded Case, with PVC 2.4M
CPRM43C Curved kit in Moulded Case, with PVC 2.9M
  Popup Accessories TOPtop-pic
Moulded Wheeled Case
Moulded wheeled Case, with light storage in lid, and optional folding counter- top in bag.
This is BIG item for shipping, so if you can buy a local alternative you should
do so, as you will only fit 83 of them in a 20ft container, including lots of air.
However, it's great value.
Code Item name Size/M
CPMWC Moulded wheeled case 70*40*97
CPCT Folding counter Top 2.9M
CPVCS PVC Panel 85*230
CPMT magnetic Tape 30M
CPL PopUp Light 220 or 110volt
Wheeled Bag
A lot cheaper because it is a lot less of a "case", wheeled bag fits neatly twice as many in a 20ft container.
PopUp Light
PopUp Light W/ universal scissor bracket you'll need to tell us which voltage lamp you need, and which plug on the end of poler lead for your country.
Magnetic Tape
Our superior 5-pole tape has good quality adhesive and strong magnetic pull to let panels stay on!
Internal Shelving/Showcase
complete assembly includes top, bottom and side panels, with two clear acrylic shelves which can be used either flat or sloping, with optional twin downlights.
  Folding Literature Stand TOPtop-pic
  Folding Literature Stand for A4 or US Letter in carry bag and re-usable shipping box. Users can load it with literature before traveling, as it folds down without emptying.

Clear acrylic pockets show off the literature itself with a very high standard presentation.  This is no lightweight, flimsy thing - it’s a strong stand weighing 5.4kg and unique.

Packed 1 per box at 0.061m3.
You cannot buy this quality for less money.
Code Item name Size/M
CFLS Literature Stand A4
CFLSN Net Literature Stand A4
  Zig-zag Literature Stand TOPtop-pic
  Wood or acrylic tray is available. Aluminium case provide good protection for this zig-zag stand.
A4 is popular size.

Code Item name Size/M
CFLSZ Zig-zag LiteratureS A4
  Water Base Banner (OUTDOOR) TOPtop-pic
ss fill water in the base, Poster can dance gently in the wind WITHOUT falling down 16kg for poster, 9kg for base.

Code Item name Size/M
CWBY Waterbase Y 60*160-180
CWBA Waterbase A A1

  CRT TOPtop-pic
  This Twin banner is much cheaper than the "King of RollUps". Or you want to it "Queen" ?
Two feet for size above 85cm padded bag .

Code Item name Size/M
CRT Twin RollUp 85*200
CRT Twin RollUp 100*200
  Folding Fabric Panels TOPtop-pic
  These frameless folding panels in Velcro®-friendly fabric sandwiched around dense plastic board are suitable for table-top use, and are an ideal way to display existing graphics and other light exhibits using Velcro® at very low cost.
  A Screen TOPtop-pic
screen4 screen3screen2
  Outdoor screen with VERY lightweight which is almost nothing. Bag attached at the bottom. Fix it on the grass ground, show to others !

Code Item name Size/M
CFFP Folding Fabpanel 60*90
CASC A Screen